All students and parents/guardians must adhere to the following rules:


Punctuality – It is essential that students attend classes on time, as latecomers will disrupt the class and waste class time. If for any reason a student is unable to attend on time, please discuss this with the teacher.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to collect students on time at the end of the class, as the teacher will be unable to wait after the class ends.


Absence – The teacher must be informed if a student is unable to attend the class for any reason. NOTE: Plan your week so that classes are not missed. If attendance is not good then this will impact on progress.


Homework – Work that is set should be completed on time. Students should be encouraged to practice their work before and after class.


Preparation – Students must come prepared for class with the necessary books, stationary, learning materials, etc. 


Fees – It is requested that fees are paid every week on a Thursday. The teacher should not have to ask for this, the student should bring it when it is due. NOTE: The fee is payable regardless of whether the student has attended classes or not. This includes any illness or holidays that occur during class time.    


Uniform – The uniform for girls is a jilbab (long dress) and hijab. Hair must be fully covered including neck and ears. Scarves must not be transparent. Perfume and makeup (including nail varnish, mascara, etc.) must not be worn.

The uniform for boys is a jubba or kameez and an Islamic hat.